Selling Property? How To Bargain For a Higher Price

April 25th, 2012

Finally the UK property market is improving. Dark days are over; it is now easy for people to sell property fast. Buyers are coming back to the market; the situation is expected to be much better in the coming days.

However, many property owners are still facing repossession in the country. Fast sale is said to be one of the easiest ways of avoiding repossession. But when you are in hurry, you might have to compromise with price because those who are easy to attract might not be the best buyers.

But that is not true all the time – you can always get better price for your property if you follow certain things. Learn the things that allow you to bargain and grab a better price for your property.

  1. Condition of the house: Though many buyers renovate the house before moving in to the new house still they prefer to buy a house that is in good condition. Buying ugly house means the buyer has to spend lot of money to refurbish the house. If your house is not in a presentable condition then take care of it – make sure the buyers visit an attractive house.
  2. Show the best features of the house: Highlight the best features of your house; if it has a nice garden then take the buyers to the garden. Explain how good the roofing and the flooring are – this would add value to the house.
  3. Show a clean house: Make sure you are showing a clean house; even when the buyers know that you will be leaving the place soon they won’t like to see a dirty home with things scattered here and there. It is important for a prospective buyer to spend some time in the house – if the place looks unhealthy they would just run away.
  4. Make sure the kitchen and bathrooms look healthy: These are the two most important parts of your house – 99% of the buyers would want to see these places. These are the places that need regular maintenance. While buying a new house people would prefer to buy a house with tip top bathroom and kitchen. So a quick makeover might work wonders.
  5. Neighbourhood: Describe the best things of the neighbourhood – how well connected it is, how close it is to schools, colleges, hospitals and other important places. Everybody loves to have a peaceful and clean neighbourhood.

No matter whether you are selling the house to general buyers or professional property buyers in the UK – by making full use of the above mentioned facts you can increase the chances of getting higher price.

Sell your property quickly and privately

April 14th, 2012

Selling your property quickly and privately is possible but many sellers do not know how to go about it.

There are property agents and property buyers in the UK who help sellers get a good deal and most importantly their property is sold quickly and privately.

It is very easy to find cash buyers and property agents in the UK, posting an advertisement is perhaps the easiest way of getting in touch with cash buyers and property agents in the UK.

Post an advertisement in your local newspaper and see the response for yourself, it will certainly make a difference and cash buyers or property agents would most probably get in touch with you and a deal could be done very soon.

There are several sellers who find it very difficult to find buyers; amateur buyers have made it more difficult to sell house quickly. They show interest but pull out when the ball is in their court. They end up wasting precious time of the sellers and this is certainly very difficult to deal with for the sellers.

Serious buyers are quite difficult to find, cash buyers are very serious buyers; they never back off when the ball is in their court. They always offer a good deal and the sellers in the UK are quite pleased with their services and this is exactly why they are dominating the property market in the UK.

To conclude it is very fair to say that your property can be sold within absolutely no time should you get in touch with either property agents or cash buyers in the UK. They offer unmatched facilities and services, they will take complete care of the paperwork so that you can relax and most importantly you will be able to sell your property quickly and privately.

Eliminate 5 Major Problems of Property Selling

April 9th, 2012

Here are the 5 major problems of property selling and how they can be eliminated:

  • Refurbishing: Numerous sellers stress upon the fact that they need to refurbish their property in order to make it look more appealing, this need not be done should you approach property buyers.
  • Legal Fees: There is a legal fee involved when it comes to selling a property but property buyers can save you from paying legal fees.
  • Commission: Middle men charge a lot of commission; it can easily be saved should you approach property buyers directly.
  • Time consuming process: Selling a property is a very time consuming process but this is hardly true, approaching property buyers can save you a lot of time and energy.
  • Amateur buyers: Have too many amateur buyers approached you of late and ended up wasting your time? Do not entertain such amateur buyers, approach property buyers; they will arrange a quick sale for you.

These are probably the biggest 5 problems that almost every property seller faces but these problems can easily be solved should one decides to approach a property buyer. This complicated process is simplified and expedited by property buyers. Many sellers approach them half-heartedly and end up frustrated; some feel sceptical about approaching them. Doing any task half-heartedly would lead to failure, property buyers should be approached with complete trust and confidence only then will the deal happen. Approach a property buyer today and feel the difference for yourself.

The ‘NewBuy Guarantee’ Makes It Tougher To Resell Property

March 19th, 2012

The new mortgage scheme is open for business – competitive rates and lower deposit make this mortgage plan appropriate for a lot of prospective buyers. But this scheme is only applicable to those who are buying new-build properties!

“Ministers are today launching the scheme under which up to 100,000 people will get Government support to buy homes worth up to £500,000.” – says Telegraph.

Just imagine what will happen to the homeowners who are looking for fast property sale! It is already difficult to sell property; now if 100,000 buyers move to new-build properties there has to be a void in the resale market.

Problems most property owners face these days:

1] Less number of buyers

2] Uncertainty

Strict mortgage criteria and scarcity of suitable mortgage plans were the reasons people were not buying. Now, the NewBuy Guarantee would encourage people to buy new-build houses; then how the property owners would sell their houses? It will become more challenging for them to find a buyer.

Those who are facing repossession and looking for property sale as an alternative would be in a mess. There will be very limited number of buyers available for them. Either they have to let their lenders repossess the house or they have to sell it at auction. This would definitely have an impact on the house prices at national level.

Selling property to professional property buyers is a better option. Property buyers offer close to market value for the properties and take care of all the hassles themselves. If you are expecting a financial hardship, look no further and talk to the property buyers. Things might turn more challenging down the line.

Are you a homeowner looking for quick sale? Know your competitors

February 27th, 2012

Are you trying to sell house yourself? There are many homeowners who sell their house without anybody’s help. You can also choose to be a self-seller. But before you hit the market make sure that you have a fair idea about the property market. You should also know the basics of property selling like how to market your property, how to set the asking price etc.

Above all, you have to know your competitors. That is the best way to figure out the winning strategy. Once you know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors you would realise what to do and what not.

Here is a list of competitors; home buyers often explore these options when it comes to buy houses.

1] Property auctions: Everybody knows that cheap properties are available at property auctions. So chances are high that potential buyers are attending these property auctions. However, properties are usually sold at much lower rates than the market standard here – so homeowners might not get satisfactory return.

2] Bank owned properties: Banks sell the houses that they repossess when the borrower defaults on the loan. Banks then sell these houses to get their money back. Buyers often take interest in such sales and buy houses at much cheaper rate than market standards. Homes that are already repossessed can be purchased in this way.

3] Estate agents: This is the most common option when it comes to buy houses on the open market. Estate agents connect the buyers with the sellers and help to find the best deal. Estate agents charge commissions when a deal is closed; they can perform well when the market is in good condition.

4] Property listing websites: This is a new way of searching for homes. One can search for homes from anywhere. Homeowners list their property details on the home listing websites so that potential buyers can find them easily.

Now, it is up to you which way you want to go. You can sell your house on your own and complete all the formalities – from marketing to conveyancing. OR you can choose any of the above options to make things easier for you. But remember that none of the above options can fulfil your requirements 100%. Either you have to compromise with the price or spend a lot or have to take care of some essential formalities.

But there is a fifth alternative; you can sell your house directly to the property buyers. A property buyer takes care of all the formalities and offers you a hassle-free sale. From marketing to conveyancing – everything is taken care of by the buyer.

Visit the property buyers online – The shop is open 24×7

February 9th, 2012

The main advantage of ecommerce is that it allows you to shop any time and from anywhere. You can buy groceries sitting right at your home. The online store remains open round the clock throughout the year.

You have to leverage the power of internet in everything that you do – when you need to find property buyers in your area you have to look for them online. Unlike any business in your neighbourhood the online property buyers do not have any opening or closing time – you can get in touch with them whenever you want. You have to visit the website of the property buyers to place your request.

Once you start conversing with them you would realise how easy online communication is. Professional property buyers usually get back to you pretty quickly; you can open ticket, send emails, live chat with their support staff or call them any time of the day to get your questions answered.

As soon as you get in touch with a property buyer online you would realise the difference – it would not take more than a couple of minutes to forward your request. Professional property buyers won’t take more than a day or two to send you a free, no obligation proposal. Since they send the offer online it’s just a matter of online file transfer. As soon as you accept the offer the process gets started.

If you have been thinking of selling your property but did not get time to visit a property buyer just go online to catch them. There is no timing to talk to them; you can send your request anytime and from anywhere. Most of the property buyers have their websites; look for the contact form on their website to send your details.

The economic scenario property sellers in the UK are going through

January 6th, 2012

The overall economic scenario all over the world is not healthy. The economic crunch is felt all over and any part, be at Norwich or any other state in UK is not left untouched. The sellers are keen to sell the property fast to tide over economic tangles. The tangles are the liability that is to pay back fast bank over dues, settling divorce issues and other economic crisis overburdening them.

The buyers are extremely difficult to find. The good buyers with sound financial status are very rare. They largely depend on funds to be secured by them by mortgage loans from the banks. Such funds are hard to find and obtaining them fast is a problem.

It is so because the lenders take a long time in providing such funds. The prospective buyers are prepared to pay a good amount for the deal as per the seller’s requirement but are hard pressed for funds.

Good homes are required to be kept in a fine condition before the sale and this requires the sellers to make huge expenses in maintaining them. The sellers are in search of cash buyers who have ready cash with them.

Such buyers settle the deal very fast but propose to pay a price much below the quoted price of the seller. Cash property buyers are still the favoured ones because they are capable to settle the deal with speed.

Such an endeavour saves the seller from enormous expenses required for the upkeep of good homes. The ability to pay a decent price for the deal and that too quickly is the main reason why cash buyers are preferred.

The sellers are advised to seek the assistance of local reputed property dealers who can bring lot of buyers around including cash buyer. It will be advisable to prefer property buyers who are well conversant with local laws and prevailing rules and regulations.

Effective advertisement by way of hoardings and newspapers can be of immense help. Using internet can also prove to be very effective. All depends on how effectively the deal is processed. Use all the resources and strike a good deal fast. You can search for property buyers in Norwich on the internet and find a reputable buyer who would buy your house in days.

Why property buyers are the favoured choice of the sellers

January 6th, 2012

Are you looking to sell a property in Derby and do not know how to go about it? Selling of homes is just about making a right choice. In earlier days the choice was limited to a few moves but things have changed. Now with the help of the internet and other innovative advertisement channels, prospective buyers can be easily found and effective deals can be stuck.

Engaging a reputed property buyer can be of immense help. Cash property buyers are always the first choice of the seller because they close the deal within a short time.

A close analysis would reveal that cash buyers are the favoured choice of sellers because of varied reasons:

  • Cash buyers close the deal faster, although the price fetched by the seller is low. The seller is saved of the expenses required to be made for the upkeep of the home or the property till the deal is stuck.
  • The uncertainty of the buyer who is dependent on mortgage loans from the bank to strike the deal is a great hindrance although he is prepared to pay a far bigger amount than the cash buyer.
  • The seller cannot wait for an indefinite period to settle the deal. In certain cases the buyer is also dependent on outside sources for the down payment of the settled price.
  • While opting for a cash buyer the seller is saved from:
    • Undue delay
    • No commission of legal fees are to be paid by the seller in the case of cash buyers

Online services enable the seller to find cash buyers. One can get a free estimate of the cost of home online and thus you can make and settle a good bargain.

It is indeed a very good decision by the sellers to opt for cash buyers to settle the deal. When you need to sell property fast, contact local property buyers and get rid of the trouble. If you are in Derby, look for a professional property buyer in Derby. You can search on the internet to find reputable property buyers in Derby and surrounding area.

Good news is you and your lender both are trying to stop repossession

December 1st, 2011

Are you trying to avoid repossession? You are not alone; even your lender is striving for the same! Don’t get surprised, just go through the following figures – these are the amounts lenders have spent in last three years to repossess homes from the borrowers who could not pay their mortgage.

  • €4,183,050 by Anglo/ Irish Nationwide
  • €2,093,727 by AIB/ EBS
  • €535,000 by Bank of Ireland
  • €137,000 by Irish Life and Permanent

Data taken from

Even banks are struggling to pay the legal fees; this has become an additional burden on them. They already have huge liabilities as a lot of mortgage borrowers could not pay their loan back on time. Now, to retrieve the fund they have to pay huge legal fees and as the property prices are low they are not even getting the full amount. This is not at all a profitable situation for them.

Moreover, according to the forecasts, rate of repossession is going to rise high soon. In that case banks will be paying more on legal fees.

Hence, it is easy to understand that even banks do not want to take the borrowers to court; they always try to help them in all possible ways so that they can pay the mortgage. Repossession is the last thing the lender considers. As per the laws, no lender can sue the borrowers unless they offer proper help to them to repay the debt.

All the borrowers who are going through a financial crisis and not in a position to pay the regular mortgage payments should be careful about this thing. Few calculative moves can actually help them avoid repossession.

Finally, there are the property buyers; professional and trusted property buyers would buy your house for quick cash allowing you to clear your mortgage arrears and keep your credit clean. Local property buyers in Birmingham can help you sell the house fast in the area. Look for local buyers and make sure your credit remains unhurt.

Contact cash property buyers when you need to sell home fast

November 17th, 2011

Do you need to sell your home fast? Whatever be the reason for you to go for a quick sale you have to figure out a way of finding a buyer quickly. There are several channels through which you can market your property and reach out to the prospective buyers.

However, after the recent recession, commonly-used property selling strategies are not working any more. Estate agents who used to be the most popular contact point for the sellers and buyers are not in a position to help. Alternatively, cash property buyers have come up as the new driving force in the market.

Homeowners facing repossession, financial hardship or any other kind of difficulties should identify the right way of property selling first. Once that is done half the battle is won. It’s true that the property market is not in a good state; but many homeowners are still selling house for quick cash and stopping repossession successfully. The reason is: they know what works and what does not.

Professional cash property buyers offer customised solutions to help distressed homeowners get rid of their troubles. People consider quick sale when they face any of the following situations generally:

  • Financial hardship which might lead to repossession
  • Being repossessed by the lender
  • Going through divorce or separation
  • Severe medical problems in family
  • Bereavement
  • Huge inherited property tax
  • Downsizing after retirement

A professional property buyer would offer you customised solution so that your problem is solved. If a homeowner is facing repossession and the lender has already taken them to court, they might need to sell the house in 7 to 10 days. Based on your situation the cash property buyers provide the best solution.

It is good to work with local property buyers; if you are in Swindon, you have to work with the property buyers in Swindon. Local buyers usually have better knowledge of local property market and can offer you an easy, fast and hassle-free property sale.