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Sell Home Quick – 5 Tips Vs. 1 Option

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Are you under financial trouble? Do you want to sell off your home fast? There are 5 Tips and 1 Option for you. Now it’s up to you which path you want to walk along.

Ask Your Friends

Inform all your friends and family members that you want to sell off your home; you never know if any of them is actually planning to buy a home or not – if somebody turns up with a positive response, you can sell home quick. Otherwise, you may need to wait for unknown span of time. No guarantee whether the process will become successful or not.

Ask Your Neighbours

Talk to your neighbours and let them know that you will be selling your house. A lot of people want to buy a new home in the same locality to eliminate long process of relocation. Often people of same family try to buy home close to each other. Chances are high that you may get positive response from the neighbours – however, there is no guarantee that you would find a genuine buyer or a buyer at all.

Contact Property Agents

You can contact property agents in the locality. Property agents will collect the details of your property, take snaps and promote the house within their own network. They will send a lot of prospective buyer to your way – the leads may get converted and may not! No guarantee whether you will be able to sell your home fast or not.


Go through the classified listings and see if any prospective buyer has published ads or not. You can also publish your own ad in different classified columns. It is not assured that you will find a buyer from classified ads.


You can list your property on Craigslist or any other similar online marketplace. You need to take snaps of your property, write a crispy and informative description of the property and upload it on the portal. You may get leads from the source and may not – nothing guaranteed.

OR Contact Cash Buyers

Cash Buyers will buy your property of any type and any condition. It is 100% confirmed that you will be able to sell off your property without paying any commission. Cash Property Buyers wrap up the entire process very fast and enable you to sell off your home quickly.

Now, it’s up to you whether to walk along the beaten path or choose to be a smart seller!

Fast House Selling – How to Make the Best Deal

Friday, August 27th, 2010

You need to sell house fast but that does not mean you can settle for less than what you deserve! Look for a buyer who will not take any advantage of your situation.

Emergency can arise any time, without any prior indication. There can be several situations and reasons for which you may need to sell off your home quickly for ready cash. For example:

  • Financial hardship and inability to pay off mortgage
  • Health problem
  • Someone’s death in the family
  • Divorce or Separation
  • Change of employment
  • Moving to a new house, a bigger one and at a better location

You need quick cash but if someone offers you a lower price than the market standard there is no point in accepting it.

If you deal with property agents, they may ask you to renovate the house in order to get good price. When you need to sell home quick you may not have the time in hand to refurbish the house. Top of that, you need to invest some fund in order to renovate your home – this may not be feasible for you as you are in a dire need of money.

How to make the Best Deal

The best option is to contact cash buyers. A cash buyer will purchase a house even if it is not in a good shape. They deal with the sellers directly hence no need to pay them commission. The entire process can be completed very fast and you can get the money when you need it most.

Cash buyers are companies with local and national presence. A reputed cash buyer should have branches in all the cities, towns and regions in the country so that they can get in touch with the troubled homeowners quickly. Cash property buyers help homeowners sell their houses fast without any hassles.