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Buyers Paying Cash for Your Property

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Tired of broken chain? Not sure how to get guaranteed property sale quickly? You have to find out a buyer who would pay cash for your property; only cash property buyers can offer you guaranteed property sale – no one else.

If you are selling your house fast and contacting buyers who need mortgage to buy your house, there is no guarantee when the buyer will be able to purchase your house OR the buyer would purchase the house at all! If bank does not offer mortgage or does not approve the required amount, they cannot purchase your house. So the entire process becomes very doubtful – even the buyer does not know if he would qualify for the mortgage.

Cash property buyers can still help you turn the situation in your favour. Let’s see how cash property buyers are different from other buyers.

How cash property buyers are different?

Cash property buyers do not need mortgage to buy your house; that’s what makes them different from others. A cash property buyer is self sufficient; they don’t need any financial assistance from lenders. Hence the process does not get delayed due to bank; once the buyer and the seller agree upon the terms, the deal is closed.

People prefer to work with cash property buyers because they offer quick and guaranteed services. And there are situations when a quick and guaranteed sale is what you need. When people try to stop repossession they look for guaranteed and fast property sale. Cash property buyers can be of immense help for them.

To conclude, if you need fast and guaranteed property sale, look for the buyer who will pay cash for your property. That’s the secret of quick and assured property sales in UK right now.

No Mortgage Only Cash is the Mantra

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Are you trying to sell house fast? Make it very clear from the day one that you would only work with a buyer who has ready cash to buy your house. Buyers who are reliant on mortgage cannot offer you quick sale; only cash buyers can.

You may think that by putting such a restriction you are limiting your options. That’s not the case actually; there are many property buyers in UK who are ready to offer you instant cash for your house. Let’s see who can offer you quick cash for your property:

  • Second time homeowners who are planning to move to a new home by selling their existing house – they have ready cash
  • People who are downsizing for cost cutting
  • Cash property buyers who are basically investors and buying houses to own properties in the area, not for the dwelling purpose usually
  • But-to-letters who are planning to buy a house to earn money

So your options are not restricted; all you have to do is think in the right direction and start searching for buyers accordingly.

Start searching cash property buyers in your area. Popular property buyers have their network in may cities and areas; by contacting them you can easily find a local buyer who is quite familiar with the legal aspects of property dealing in that area. They will take care of conveyancing and most of the financial and legal obligations offering you a quick and hassle free property sale.

The best thing about cash property buyers is they do not ask you to renovate your house, nor do they say no because your house is tenanted, being repossessed or not in good condition. They buy all properties for close to market value.